What is a CDLScore?

The Driver First way to see how you measure up to your peers and to show your
current or future employers what a professional driver looks like.

Bridging the gap between drivers and carriers

After years of recruiting drivers and working with carriers, we have seen first hand that there is a deep disconnect between expectations, job fit and reality. Neither side is willing to give each other the benefit of the doubt anymore. CDLScore looks to bridge this gap by providing both drivers and carriers with a standard score designed to help match driver needs and carrier needs together.


Generating your CDLScore

Our analysts take a detailed look at your driving experience, motor vehicle record, on the job performance and many other factors using our 32 point assessment. This will provide you with an in-depth, driver-first way to see how you rank against your peers and present your skills and experience to your current or future employers. The interview, or Professional Driver Quality Assessment (PDQA) helps identify your strengths and highlights your needs to help you work efficiently and productively with carriers and customers alike.


Getting your CDLScore

Obtaining your score is very similar and just as quick as filling out a job application and then completing a 5 minute phone call with our team. Find out where you rank today, or ask our team about open job openings that fit your needs.