96% turnover. $5000 - $9000 to fill a seat. Stop the insanity.

Yes, there is a better way. CDLScore is the new industry standard for hiring drivers. We know it's not just about hiring a driver, it’s about hiring the right driver for your company. Let CDLScore take the guess work out of your hiring and find you a driver that meets not just your driving standards but also fits your company culture. Every ready to hire driver includes a Professional Driver Quality Assessment (PDQA) which provides you with insight into what the drivers needs are, and how best to manage them. At CDLScore we do not just hire drivers, we change the way drivers and carriers interact with each other to promote two-way professionalism, respect and communication.

How have we placed 582 drivers in the past 12 months…

Our team brings experience in sales, online advertising, recruiting and sales process development from numerous verticals over a combined 45 years. While our recruiters all have experience in trucking, our process comes from years of tuning and tweaking and tens of millions of dollars in lead generation. One thing that always holds true though is that a properly followed process, wins every time. We apply those concepts to finding truck drivers to meet specific carrier needs and the results have been fantastic

Where’s the proof?

CDLScore drivers, who are in the top 35% of our scored database, stay 24% longer and perform 32% more efficiently. How do we know? Some of our carrier partners provide us access to on the job performance and tenure, this allows us to compare and track drivers weekly, monthly and yearly.

Driver shortage = convenient excuse

How many drivers do you need to fill your open seats? 10, 100, 1000? The industry as a whole may need 150,000 additional drivers, but you don’t. We can find your drivers. OTR, Regional, Local, Flatbed, Van, Heavy Haul, DryBox, whatever you need our Driver Availability Index and hyper focused targeting will uncover the best drivers to meet your needs and hiring requirements.