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What is a CDLScore?

The Driver First way to see how you measure up to your peers and show your current or future employers what a professional driver looks like. A CDLScore takes into account your driving history, on the job performance and your personal habits and preferences to generate a benchmark that will build trust amongst drivers and carriers.

Am I going to get a bunch of phone calls if I give you my info?

We will never sell or share your data. Ever. We do not provide leads to carriers or other recruiting companies. IF you are interested in finding a job via CDLScore, one of our recruiters will contact you. If you are not interested in a job and just want your score, you will only be contacted about completing the PDQA phone assessment. We value your time and your privacy.

Is a CDLScore affiliated with FMCSA, DOT or insurance?

No, we are not a government agency or an insurance carrier. Your CDLScore will not be reported or shared anywhere.

How long does it take to get a CDLScore?

Your part of the process is as simple as applying for a job online. Once you complete the application with details on your employment history and driving experience, you will receive a quick 5 min phone call to confirm your information and finalize your details. After the call, your score should be ready within an hour.

Who can see my CDLScore?

  • The details of your score will only be available to you, in your CDLScore members dashboard. Your first name, initial of your last name, and home state may be displayed on community leaderboards, which you can opt-out of, but no other identifying information will be public.
  • If you are looking for help in finding a job, with your consent, your CDLScore will be discussed with potential employers to help match you with the best carrier.

Will you share my score with my current employer?

No. You are free to show your score to your employer, but we will never share it.

Do I need to pay for a CDLScore?

No. There is no cost to obtain your CDLScore. There are opportunities to access online training modules, which can help increase your skills and show carriers your commitment to your profession, which are offered at deep discount to members of CDLScore.

Can I get a score even if I don’t need a job?

Yes! Over half of the drivers in our community are happy at the current position and are not looking for a job. You can indicate this to us during the scoring process and we will respect your privacy and remove you from any job announcements.

What are these prizes you are talking about?

  • CDLScore offers monthly giveaways, like Peterbilt/Kenworth hats, steel-toed boots, coil bags and more, follow us to enter.
  • We also offer a “Top CDLScore Driver” annual contest, with prizes valued at over $12,000.

Can you help me find a job?

Yes, if you are looking for a job, you’ve come to the right place. Getting your CDLScore is the first step in helping us identify the right opportunities for you. We have placed 582 CDL drivers in the past 12 months.

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